Mission & Vission

In Edison Nursery we aim to provide a warm, safe and encouraging environment for all children of age 2 months up to 4 years.

Our Mission

Edison Nursery is committed to providing high quality care and education for children aged 4 months to 4 years in a homely and caring atmosphere. Children are able to learn through play, and we are reflective practitioners of current curriculum guidance and legislation.

Our Vision

We believe each child is uniquely capable and gifted. Edison Nursery provides a secure and stimulating early years education experience for children aged 4 months to 4 years, in well supervised, age appropriate groups.

Our Aim is to encourage in each child:

-Confidence and curiosity.
-Happiness and honesty within themselves.
-Interest in the world around them.
-Growth in all areas of development.
-Respect for themselves, others and the environment, through an atmosphere of warmth and security that nurtures independence and identity.
-A sense of responsibility for their actions and behaviour.
-Communication with those around them.
-Positive interactions between family members, peers, educators and the community.

Our Objectives

-To encourage learning and development through fun and creative activities.
-To provide a range of challenging, educational and stimulating quality experiences which are relevant to each individual child.
-Provide a safe, warm and welcoming environment for children to play, learn and develop in.
-To develop a positive attitude towards health and wellbeing.
-To promote positive attitudes to self and others to encourage and develop a sense of identity.
-Work closely with parents and carers to promote and enhance the children’s experiences.

Our Facilities

-The nursery is equipped with a wide range of educational toys and equipments.
-The children have access to dedicated context areas both indoors and out to encourage personalisation and choice.
-The nursery has a relaxed learning through play approach where children can interact with each other in any of the areas.
-The children have access to a large secure outdoor space where they can explore and play.
-The nursery team will provide support to parents and carers to continue practice of the nursery ethos at home-
– The nursery participates in a wide range of health and wellbeing schemes.

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